In retrospect

2016 was quite the year for me. I was almost five months pregnant with Journey, and lost him. Underwent an emergency surgery, befriended an enemy, embarrassed the hell out of myself, met a great friend, re-found my soulmate, and started my long journey of school. I stumbled into 2017 with a huge brick wall blocking me from making further strides.


I had two choices, give up, which I am impeccable at. Or, fight like hell, a new strategy I’ve been learning. Turns out, you have to fight for what you want. No isn’t an option, it’s not an answer to accept when it comes to furthering your growth. I’m happy to announce that I’ve jumped over the brick wall, and am back onto the journey of school. It took some begging, and making a case for myself. But, I’ve been given a chance to prove myself, thankfully. Let’s hope I don’t blow it!


As for the lost love being back in town, his loss. He’s beneath me, (not literally) and I refuse to let him ruin the progress I’ve made. I hope we run into each other, so that he can witness how great I’ve been without him. My focus has been rocked, but I’m going to get back on track. I am not the same person I was last year, or the addict the year before. And I’m going to struggle, its life. However, it’s no excuse to reach for bad habits I’ve kicked.


I will continue to fight like hell until I’m living the dream my six-year-old self believed in. I’m going to be a nurse, or die trying. Once everything has paid off, I’m going to have one hell of a story for my own six year old to live up to.


Now, 2017, if you could stop trying to fuck me, I’d appreciate it!

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